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 An Individualized Approach

Fit For Life Fitness Center is a medically-based Fitness Center. We take the time to look at your individual medical history and then customize an appropriate exercise program for you based on your particular medical and health needs.

Our reputation and ability to work with individuals, especially older adults and help them improve their quality of life through improving their fitness makes us unique in the Gainesville community.

The Medical Fitness Center Difference


(We monitor pre and post exercise blood pressures)

Wellness involves more than just weight loss and physical appearance. We create  customized exercise programs that emphasize function as well as fitness.  Our staff are all college-degreed Exercise Specialists with backgrounds in orthopedics, rehabilitation and/or sports medicine. When necessary, we work closely with local physicians and physical therapists to design the exercise program best suited to your individual needs.

 Individual Approach / Fitness Evaluation

We start with a comprehensive fitness evaluation. Then, we customize an exercise program that factors in age, medical history, current medications, orthopedic limitations and any other conditions needing consideration. We monitor blood pressure and exercising heart rates. In order to maximize safety and ensure you are performing the exercises correctly, we supervise the exercise floor at all times.

steven bike test

Sub Max Cardiovascular Bike Test measures VO2

( Please note the sub max cardio bike test is not appropriate for everybody. We will determine if appropriate for you based on your medical history.)

Regular Follow-Ups

Every quarter, we re-evaluate your exercise program. This allows us to monitor your progress, reset goals and change-up your routine to help you stay motivated and on track toward achieving your long-term fitness goals. Seeing your progress and keeping variety in your routine keeps your muscles challenged and your mind engaged. This is one of the reasons medical fitness centers have higher retention rates than many commercial health clubs.

tn_SilverSneakers_LogoSilver Sneakers / Health Insurance Coverage

Members of select Medicare Health Plans may have a fitness membership. To verify eligibility, please contact 888-423-4632 or contact Fit For Life Fitness Center at 352-332-3488.

logo 2

Please call 877 329-2746 to confirm Silver & Fit eligibility


Membership Plans

  • 1, 3 and 6-Month Regular Rate
  • 1, 3 and 6-Month Student Rate

Annual Memberships

*With our annual memberships, you have the option to pay monthly electronically (EFT) or Pay in Full (PIF) for the year.

  • 1-Year Regular Rate
  • 1-Year Senior Rate (55 years of age or older)
  • 1-Year Corporate Rate
  • 1-Year, 2 Person Rate (can be two unrelated people)
  • 1-Year Family Rate (up to four immediate family members)
  • 1-Year Military Rate
  • 1-Year Pool Membership

Guest Rates

  • Daily Guest Pass: $10
  • Weekly Guest Pass: $25

For more information about memberships, please call us  at 352-332-3488 or come in and see us!


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